When you apply for PIP, you’ll need to fill in a form called ‘How your disability affects you’. You can use our guidance to help you. There is advice for each question, including:
  • what the questions mean
  • what to write about in your answers
  • examples of answers people might give
  • help explaining how your illness or disability affects you
PIP is based on how your condition affects you. It’s not based on your particular illness or disability, or your medication. It’s very important to think about each question. Our help pages will help you to decide if you need to answer each question. Help with question 1: listing your condition, medication and treatments Help with question 2: listing your health professionals Help with question 3: preparing and cooking food Help with question 4: eating and drinking Help with question 5: managing treatments Help with question 6: washing and bathing Help with question 7: managing toilet needs Help with question 8: dressing and undressing Help with question 9: communicating Help with question 10: reading Help with question 11: mixing with other people Help with question 12: making decisions about money Help with question 13: going out Help with question 14: moving around Help with question 15: additional information

If you run out of space on the form

It’s okay to write your extra information on a separate sheet – use our template [ 0.78 kb]. Always attach this sheet to your claim form and include your name, National Insurance number and the question number.

If you need more help with the form

If you’re having problems with the form, contact us.

You might also be able to get help from a local disability or mental health support agency. You can:

Sending the form

You can find out more about how to send the form.