There may be a number of ways to deal with your debts. What options you have depends on your circumstances, the amount of debt you have and what action your creditors have already taken.

The StepChange Debt Charity Debt Remedy tool can help you to work out what options you have for sorting out your debts. This asks you a series of questions about your household, income and expenditure and then provides you with a recommendation to sort out your debts, based on your personal circumstances.

Before thinking about your options, you should make sure you’re responsible for the debts you are being asked to pay. In some circumstances you may be able to dispute whether you have to pay back the money. If you think you might not be responsible for your debts, you should get more help before you use the StepChange Debt Charity Debt Remedy.

Our quick questionnaire can help you to work out whether you are responsible for your debts and where to get more help if you need it.