Ombudsman expresses disappointment at care provider’s refusal to pay compensation to former resident because he said he had ceased trading

Issuing a rare Adverse Findings Notice, Ombudmsan also shares details of his findings with the Care Quality Commission

The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman has expressed his disappointment at a care provider's refusal to pay compensation to a former resident because he said he had ceased trading.

While, following an investigation into a family’s complaint about their father’s stay in a Leicester care home, the Ombudsman asked the owner and sole trader, Mr Mapara, to pay the family £500 for the distress caused, he refused to do so.

However, issuing a rare Adverse Findings Notice against the provider highlighting his unwillingness to provide the remedy set out, Paul Najsarek, Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, said –

'The former owner of the home, Mr Mapara has told me he should not have to pay the remedy we have recommended because his company has ceased trading.

I disagree – Mr Mapara was acting as a sole trader and therefore still has an obligation to provide the remedy we have recommended.

I am disappointed with Mr Mapara’s response to my investigation and have shared details of my findings with the care regulator, the Care Quality Commission.'

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