Increase in registered rents in Northern Ireland

New statutory rule makes provision for a 7 per cent increase

New regulations have been issued in relation to registered rents in Northern Ireland.

In force from 7 August 2023, the Registered Rents (Increase) Order (Northern Ireland) 2023 (SR.No.104/2023) makes provision for a 7 per cent increase in registered rents – that relate to statutory and protected tenancies in properties meeting the housing fitness standard that are entered on the rents register during the period from 2 April 2007 to 6 August 2023.

The explanatory memorandum accompanying the regulations advises that –

'It has been established practice that each year the Department for Communities in conjunction with the Rent Officer for Northern Ireland reviews the levels of rents entered on the rents register and makes an Order to allow an increase to take account of the cost of living. The amount of increase has traditionally been the same as that applied to Housing Executive rents.'

NB – a landlord must give a tenant at least 4 weeks’ notice of the increase in accordance with article 49 of the Private Tenancies (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.

SR.No.104/2023 is available from